The Voyeur

Some people get a kick out of doing…and some people get a kick out of watching. The voyeur fantasy can be acted out in several ways and any number of sexual role playing character ideas. In some case, a voyeur will stand there and watch other people having sex or masturbating and the person enjoying… Continue reading The Voyeur


Bad Boy Sex

Ah, the forbidden fruit is all the more sweet, isn’t it? All the girls love the bad boys but in the end most of us end up with the ones that are nice and sweet. And while nice and sweet is, well, nice and sweet, sometimes we still want to live out those bad boy… Continue reading Bad Boy Sex


Basic pieces of lingerie

Word on the street is many of us who want to buy sexy lingerie do not actually know what we are buying. Yup, and there’s no shame in that. Lingerie encapsulates a wide array of categories and most of us were raised to think of lingerie as bras and panties, and a few of us… Continue reading Basic pieces of lingerie


Teddy, oh Teddy!

One of the best things about teddys is their mix of functionality and duality. They can be worn any and everywhere once paired perfectly with the right clothes, or lack thereof. But another reason I love them is the level of material it comes with; this gives room for so many more designs. So, in… Continue reading Teddy, oh Teddy!



Cold weather over the winter season can be a tricky one to dress for if you still want to feel a little bit elegant. Take a look at the guide below for a hot collection of kinky lingerie that will let you keep warm during the day and sizzling hot at bedtime in the winter.… Continue reading WINTER LINGERIE GUIDE


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