Teddy, oh Teddy!

One of the best things about teddys is their mix of functionality and duality. They can be worn any and everywhere once paired perfectly with the right clothes, or lack thereof. But another reason I love them is the level of material it comes with; this gives room for so many more designs. So, in honor of my morning being good, here are three great teddy styles that everyone needs to have, and perfect occasions for them!

The simple lace see-through teddy; a household staple for many reasons, sheer lace teddys are perfect for sensual nights in with candles and slow music. The beauty of this design is in its faux modesty, whether you go for a turtleneck, off shoulder, or simple strap cut, the see-through lace allows for an erotic and yet teasing look your partner will appreciate.

The mesh and lace teddy; this comes in a multitude of design mixes but never fails to produce an arresting look. My go-to recommendation is always the simple string and low cleavage cut look. This creates the illusion of a smaller waist and bigger bust, best of both worlds, right? Pro-tip, while combinations are often up to taste I find that mesh on the body of the lingerie gives off a more fetish look for those interested.

Finally, and certainly not least, the cleavage cut full leather teddy; while leather itself may be expensive or some deem unethical, faux leather works just as well. This teddy is perfect for several reasons, but I often like to highlight that for those interested in diving into the intriguing world of bdsm, lingerie helps simulate the feeling and adds a component of domination that beginners may not be fully ready to take on. the cut and styling also make mobility a comfortable option allowing for optimum comfort while also diving deep into whatever role is desired.

These are just three of many options out there. happy shopping!

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