Five things to Do on Your Own.

The journey of self-care is not only important but something that must be done with a certain level of independence. How can you truly love you, if you don’t know you? Sure, it may seem like and have a potential for alienation but that is not what we are aiming for. The truth is we, as individuals are highly influenced by the people in our lives and the relationships, we hold dear, platonic or romantic. Knowing yourself may seem easy until you end a relationship and realize that certain aspects of your personality was not truly yours and merely a product of the relationship.

Realizations like that lead you to the point of discovery where you must then acknowledge that sometimes the truest form of vulnerability can be found within yourself. This means to truly love you, you must know you, and that means learning about you without the influence of external relationships. Here are five great things to do on your own.

Watch a movie. Watching a movie might seem very plain but the truth is something as simple as finding out what your genre preference is can be an eye-opener into your personality. It doesn’t matter what genre or movie you start with the journey of landing on what pleases you will be highly introspective.

Buy lingerie in Canada. Whether you do so in a store or choose to buy lingerie online in Canada finding out what you like personally is another great way of figuring yourself out. This means scrolling through kinky lingerie and buying what appeals to you and not what you feel will necessarily please your partner.

Go to a restaurant. This is key. While the other two are not necessarily reliant on going outside alone and can be tweaked into home activities, going to a restaurant alone is a great way to learn not only about your taste but to enjoy your own company. It is sometimes easier to do so in private than in public, so brace yourself for a moment of fun clarity.

Buy a book. If it isn’t within your means you are welcome to rent a book as well. Getting a book and sourcing through several genres is another pleasant way of discovering what truly interests and appeals to you.

Take a walk. While exercising is great and definitely a mood enhancer. The purpose of this is to free yourself for internal and introspective thinking. Go through your activity and thoughts without the hindrance of external factors. This is an awesome way to both clear your mind and learn about yourself.

Remember the goal is to learn and love!

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