Bad Boy Sex

Ah, the forbidden fruit is all the more sweet, isn’t it?

All the girls love the bad boys but in the end most of us end up with the ones that are nice and sweet. And while nice and sweet is, well, nice and sweet, sometimes we still want to live out those bad boy fantasies.

If you find yourself still fantasizing about that bad boy that got away, there are ways you can live out those sexual role playing character ideas.

Let’s start by saying it really helps if your partner has a motorcycle…and a motorcycle jacket…and some tattoos. And since you know your parents wouldn’t approve, you can pick a time late at night to sneak him in.

Of course, when you finally become intimate, he is the perfect mix of rough and tender, just like you knew he’d be.

Now of course, there is the whole issue of being quiet. Since you’ve presumably ‘snuck him in’ you have to be quiet so mom and dad can’t hear. This can add a whole other level of eroticism to your sexy role play. He can do what he can to turn you on while you do your best to control yourself, so you don’t make too much noise. Just make sure you are wearing some kinky lingerie to add to complexity!

After you are through, it’s time to sneak him back out. He might promise to call, but of course, he never will. Ah, such is the price to pay when you love the bad boys!

Or you can show him some images of you wearing a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie couple with a body harness or body chain fashion lingerie!

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